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ItGrafika is a Serbian web agency for providing web design services that are made according to the latest trends, in order to bring new clients to your business and contribute to the overall increase in business volume.

There is a moment in business when the available web programs, modules or applications are not good enough for your way of doing business, then we jump in and turn all your dreams into reality.


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Contact us and consult for free about your future or current project.

We like to communicate with people and advise them. If you are not sure how you would express or what you would write about your project or idea, don't worry, write in your own words what you think is important and important to emphasize. We are sure we have the right solution for you!

Website design

Our core business and the area in which we have the most experience is the creation of custom websites, for any activity or area, regardless of what your company does.

Custom programming

Need an app tailored to your business? We design and build everything from simple to complex sites that fully meet your needs.

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